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Why Mercedes Maintenance is important to your Car?
At "Mercedes R Us" a diligent Mercedes Maintenance program is our guarantee to keep your vehicle running at its best. We, at "Mercedes R Us" strictly follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure that you maintain both the value and the durability of your Mercedes car at its most.

Maintenance Service
We apply the manufacturer’s maintenance regulations. At "Mercedes R Us" we understand that every car has different factorssuch as

  • Your own driving habits
  • Your frequency of using your Mercedes car
  • Quality of petrol used
  • And a variety of other factors, etc.

By applying the manufacturer’s maintenance regulations as they appear in the Mercedes Car Manual and incorporating those different factors, our Technical Services Experts at "Mercedes R Us" will help you determining the optimum maintenance schedule that best suits your Mercedes Maintenance needs and factors.

Frequent Inspection
One important aspect of our maintenance program is performing Regular Inspections for your Mercedes vehicle

  • At well predefined kilometers mileage or
  • At least once a year.

This is our approach which is an economical way to identify potential problems before they further develop into a safety concern or a major breakdown.
Our Technical Services Experts at "Mercedes R Us" will assess what repairs are required to keep your vehicle in top condition and prioritize them in order of importance to both safety, comfort and your time convenience

Regular Service
At "Mercedes R Us" our Regular Service is normally scheduled at the 10,000 km intervals.

  • It consists of removing of all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. The brakes will also be adjusted if required
  • A full Under Body inspection is performed to check the exhaust system, steering as well as suspension.
  • Engine oil and filters will ultimately be replaced.
  • Other fluids will be inspected & topped as necessary.
  • A complete check of air & fuel filters, cooling system is similarly performed.
  • We will also check all tires to make sure they are safe.

A full safety check is then produced and we will send you a written report if any other issues are found.

Major Service:
Sometimes you need more than an oil change. Our Major Service allows us to take closer look at the most vital components of your vehicle. Once the major service is concluded, our Technical Services Experts will provide you with a complete summary, listing all checked out components, and their current status.

We will gladly make recommendations to correct any alarming issues and we will note your service file to check on anything that is starting to show signs of wear.

Main Major Service – Customer Experience Activities

  • Inspect brake and all warning lights on dash
  • Check all lights
  • Check horn, wiper operation & condition of blades
  • Check brake & clutch pedal for squeaks & adjustment
  • Lubricate all latches & hinges
  • Check windshield washer fluid
  • Check Battery & terminals
  • Check Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check cooling system levels and leaks
  • Inspect Seat belts
  • check all filters
  • Inspect brakes & handbrake operation
  • Sump plug tightened and wiped
  • Start-up vehicle check for oil leaks
  • Check all tire pressures
  • Check gearbox lever & oil leaks
  • Check diff level & side shaft oil leaks
  • Check new oil level and water level

We normally recommend our Mercedes Clients to alternate this Major Service with our Minor Service to ensure their vehicle’s critical systems are getting inspected at least twice a year.

On Demand Service:
On-Demand service are carried out upon the client request; or if deemed important by our Technical Services Experts. On demand service is a targeted service to ensure the ultimate care for a specific Mercedes car function, part, component or system.

Main On-Demand Service – Customer Experience Activities

  • Air Filters
  • Brakes
  • Drive Belts
  • Oil Changes
  • Power-Steering Fluid
  • Rotating Tires
  • Tire Pressure