Mercedes Maintenance and Regular Services

Why Mercedes Maintenance is important to your Car?

A diligent Mercedes Maintenance program is our guarantee to keep your vehicle running at its best. We, at Mercedes R us, strictly follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure that you maintain both the value and the durability of your Mercedes car at its most.

We understand your Mercedes Maintenance Needs

We understand that every car has different requirements, based upon driving habits, frequency of use, quality of petrol used and a variety of other factors; similarly, we understand the essence of applying the manufacturer’s maintenance regulations as they appear in the Car Manual. By considering all of these factors, our technical service experts at Mercedes R us will help you determining the optimum maintenance schedule that best suits your Mercedes Maintenance needs.

Frequent Inspection

One of the most important aspects of our maintenance program is performing Regular inspections for your Mercedes vehicle at well predefined kilometers mileage or once a year. An approach which is relatively inexpensive way to identify potential problems before they further develop into a safety concern or a major breakdown. Our Technical Services experts will assess what repairs are required to keep your vehicle in top condition and prioritize them in order of importance to both safety, comfort and your time convenience.

Our Services on Offer

Based on the mileage, and/or the time elapsed between your regular auto maintenance services, we offer the following service categories:

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