Elite Car Services

At Mercedes R us, we do appreciate our clients’ time; we’ve customized few services for them to suit their schedules, and support them focusing on their more important day-to-day activities.

Our Elite Car Services are distinguished offers built around one concept in our mind “YOU”; our differentiated offerings will ensure that you’ll get serviced locally at your premises or remotely at our workshop without YOU leaving your place. Moreover, we understand that the routine yearly car registration is a must do activity, and may consume some of your precious time, we will carry on this activity on your behalf and leave YOU consume your time in the best way possible. Our Elite Car Services consist of:

VVIP Services

We appreciate your time, and we understand your car need for maintenance or emergency service. It will cost you a call to our dedicated reception desk, and we will gladly send you our specialized agents to understand your service and/or maintenance requirements, and Pickup the car for service at our workshop. We will also keep you informed about the progress regularly, and the estimated service/maintenance costs.
Once the job is completed, you’ll be kindly requested to communicate to us the Drop Off point, so we can deliver the car serviced, and ready for your safest next trip.

Car Registration

Mercedes R us is happy to offer to its clients the yearly car registration and renewal services. We assign one point of contact from our expert team to deal directly with your needs, and collecting the required documents from you, and ultimately brings the car to you registered for a complete new year. We will carry on the following activities on your behalf:

  • Car Registration
  • Car Renewal
  • Car Passing
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Fines Payment
  • Car Ownership Transfer

Moreover, we will pick your vehicle from your door step and complete the registration and renewal process for you, before we gladly return it back to you.

Roadside Assistance Service

Mercedes R us provides an Emergency Roadside Assistance service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our Roadside assistance services include: Car Towing, Car Transportation, and Battery Boosting.
In any emergency situation, just give us a call and our team will respond to your service call at the shortest time possible depending on the breakdown location.

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