Mercedes R us Workshop in Dubai

Mercedes R us Workshop Story

Mercedes R us was incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1998.  The workshop is owned and run under American  management; Our clients are delighted with the best customer experience and hard work mentality. Mercedes R us specializes in maintenance, service and repairs of all Mercedes cars’ classes and models.

Since begining, Mercedes R us has been working hard to keep our Clients’ Mercedes cars safe on the road. Integrity, Honesty, improved by hard work and quality of service are considered the backbone of our successful business, and are our pillars to earn the loyalty and the respect of our year-to-year increasing clientele.

Mercedes R Us skilled team

Mercedes R Us skilled team

Mercedes R us workshop evolved over the years from a small but modern corporation to a pioneer leader in both customer service and automotive service.

We employ the latest computerized systems and tools, comprehensive technical databases, genuine spare parts and continuous up-to-date trained technical engineers and service technicians to ensure our ability to accurately diagnose and repair our clients’ cars. We maintain complete history service records, and reach our customers through reminders and service offers to help them maintain their new or old vehicles in top shape and preserve both the vehicle’s warranty and value.

Mercedes R us Workshop – Dubai Facility

Mercedes R us workshop Facility in Dubai is equipped with five service bays, Engine overhauling facility, Spare Parts Store, and Car Spray Painting Booth. The workshop is also equipped with ample waiting area for clients, reception and management offices. Since we perform our own repairs, we operate one of the best-equipped repair workshop in Dubai for all Mercedes Car maintenance, repairs and services.

Mercedes R us Warranty

At Mercedes R us, we respect our clients’ time, and their deep needs to drive safe cars. To this end, we work very hard to do the job “Right” at the “First” time. A “Right” job is the one performed with patience, using the right tools, top qualified workmanship and the best available parts. Our standard parts and labour warranty is 6 months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first on all repairs we perform. Naturally, this is conditional upon the car being used for normal driving, under normal driving conditions. Since warranty coverage varies from one part or manufacturer to another, it is important to confirm warranty coverage when having repairs performed.

Mercedes R us Workshop – Management Team

Mr. Esam ElKousy

Mr. Esam El KousyFounder and Workshop Managing Director. Mr. Esam has been living and working in USA for more than 20 years.

His vision and ambition were the main drivers to establish business in Dubai – UAE. He first came to Dubai in 1996 to perform a complete market study about the mechanical workshops in Dubai, and he subsequently incorporated his Mercedes R us workshop in 1998.

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